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Rain of Electrons Causes Mercury’s X-Ray Auroras

TEHRAN (ANA)- With new data from the BepiColombo probe (illustrated), scientists at the University of Pisa have shown that electrons rain down on the surface of Mercury, causing its X-ray auroras.

India Successfully Launches 1st Solar Mission

TEHRAN (ANA)- The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has confirmed that India successfully launched its maiden solar mission named "Aditya-L1", onboard the PSLV-C57 rocket (in XL configuration).

Global Action Required to Clean Up Space Junk

TEHRAN (ANA)- Scientists, led by the University of Plymouth, have called for a legally-binding treaty to ensure Earth’s orbit is not harmed by space junk as the global space industry continues to grow.  

Why Do Stars Twinkle?

TEHRAN (ANA)- Astrophysicists at the Flatiron Institute have created the first-ever simulations to show how convection in the cores of massive stars generates waves that cause them to twinkle.
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